Is Sweet Magnolias Season 3 releasing this October? Check other details too!


Sheryl J. Anderson created the American romantic drama web series Sweet Magnolias, which is based on Sherryl Woods’ Sweet Magnolias books. Jamie Lynn Spears, Brooke Elliott, Heather Headley, and JoAnna Garcia Swisher are the main actors. On May 19, 2020, Netflix released the first episode of the show. The show’s second season was ordered in July 2020. On February 4, 2022, the second season’s 10-episode debut took place. A third season of the show was ordered in May 2022.

The third season of Sweet Magnolias is now available on Netflix! And given the cliffhanger conclusion we got, it’s precisely what we wanted to hear.

If you’re a big fan of Sweet Magnolias, you’ll know that Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen all have important decisions to make and that whatever they choose will allegedly have an impact on the entire town of Serenity. For the trio, who are struggling to find their way through life and love in their small village with a white picket fence, things have undoubtedly become more challenging.

But nevertheless, let’s discuss what to expect following a cliffhanger that might have major consequences for each of them.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of Sweet Magnolias was confirmed to be happening in the writers’ room on social media in May 2022.

The crew posted a picture of their directors’ chairbacks decorated with flowers and the title of the programme on July 18, the day when filming for the new episodes began.

Basically, it takes nine months to a little over a year to complete a series like this, which calls for special effects. Given everything, we wouldn’t anticipate any new episodes of Sweet Magnolias to air before Spring 2023. (so between April to June).

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Cast

Indeed, Sweet Magnolias just wouldn’t work without the three key magnolias themselves, played by JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie Townsend, Dana Sue Sullivan as Brooke Elliot, and Heather Headley as Brooke (Helen Decatur). All have been given the go-ahead to return.

Tyler (played by Carson Rowland), Kyle (Logan Allen), and Annie (Anneliese Judge) will all be making a comeback.

The actress who plays new mother Noreen, Jamie Lynn Spears, has also confirmed that she will be returning. On her Instagram page, she posted photos from her dressing room on the first day of filming with the hashtag “It’s giving #Season3.”


Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Plot

In the season 2 finale, Dana Sue’s daughter Annie was confronted by an unknown lady who called her mother a “life ruiner” while attending Mrs Francis’ funeral. The same lady was subsequently seen on a camera phone cutting the tyres of Sullivan’s delivery vehicle toward the end of the show. When the three saw the video, Maddy, Dana Sue, and Helen immediately recognised her, and they only needed to say one thing: “She’s back.”

Dana, who allowed Ronnie back into the family home, is also working to mend her marriage with him. Will they stay together or will he go back to his old habits, which included cheating on her? Whatever the case, Dana Sue is only the beginning of what’s going on, since the season ended on a terrible cliffhanger when Helen accepted Ryan’s marriage proposal. She must now choose between him and her new love, Erik.


Where to Watch Sweet Magnolias Season 3

Sweet Magnolias season 1 & 2 is available exclusively on Netflix.