Is Severance season 2 releasing this year? Check out other details too!


The science fiction series Severance, created by Dan Erickson and directed by Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle, has become a worldwide phenomenon when it made its debut on the streaming platform Apple TV Plus in 2022. The biotech company Lumon Industries is the subject of Severance, a film that is equal parts Black Mirror and The Office.

The business has developed a daring new method that will achieve the ideal work-life balance. Severance is the process of separating an employee’s home memories from their work recollections. The TV show follows Mark, Helly, Irving, and Dylan, four workers who have undergone the operation, as they learn to live effectively as two separate persons.

This leads us to the second season and Lumon’s apparent hidden agenda for this experiment. It appears as though our heroes’ “Innies” and “Outies” will start a war, but will it actually happen?

Severance Season 2 Trailer

Sorry, there is no trailer and we can not consider that AirPod advertisement because the Severance team is now enjoying a well-deserved break (I hope they remember their work). Keep this page saved because we’ll update it as soon as Severance season 2 releases a trailer.

Check out the 12-second season 2 announcement video below if you’re anxious to visit the Lumon Industries headquarters once more, but be careful. It doesn’t reveal much about the future series.


Severance Season 2 Plot

Since Severance’s first season was such a mental puzzle, it’s difficult to predict where the second season will take things. However, the most recent episode provided us with a few hints about the potential direction the program may take.

At the conclusion of season 1, Mark discovers that his allegedly deceased wife is actually still alive and well. Obviously, it’s a theme that will continue throughout Severance’s second season, despite the fact that our primary characters have the propensity to lose track of what’s happening in their private lives.

We anticipate seeing the repercussions of Helly’s poor performance at the event that her father, Jame Eagan, the current CEO of Lumon Industries, hosted at the conclusion of season 1. Similar to how we would want to believe that Irving’s knowledge of Burt will be continued in season 2, it is difficult to foretell what will transpire due to the memory-erasing issue.

We also have a burning need to learn what happened to Dylan. The microdata refiner’s situation wasn’t looking bright when we last saw him, but we do know he’ll return in season 2.

Severance Season 2 Cast 

The four main office employees were reported to be returning when Apple TV Plus announced the renewal of season 2. For those who aren’t sure, that’s Mark (Adam Scott), Helly (Britt Lower), Dylan (Zach Cherry), and Irving (John Turturro).

Additionally confirmed are Patricia Arquette’s return as Mrs. Cobel, the office manager, and Tramell Tillman’s comeback as Seth Milchick. Given how their narrative ended, we hope Christopher Walken will reprise his role as Irving’s potential suitor Burt.

The confirmed Severance season 2 cast is as follows:

  • Adam Scott – Mark Scout
  • Britt Lower – Helly Riggs
  • Zach Cherry – Dylan George
  • John Turturro – Irving Bailiff
  • Patricia Arquette – Harmony Cobel
  • Tramell Tillman – Seth Milchick

Severance Season 2 Release Date

We don’t know when Severance season 2 will premiere as of October 2022. But don’t worry, the science fiction series will be back. Before the first season of Severance had even concluded, season 2 was approved. After the second season, the director Ben Stiller has hinted that there may be even more.