Is Hunter x Hunter Season 7 returning this year? Here’s all you need to know including Release Date, Plot and much more!


HxH is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable anime series ever. The anime not only had a rich narrative, but it also expertly translated the manga arcs. Furthermore, we have frequently been in awe of the thrilling battle scenes.

However, the popularity of the anime would undoubtedly open the door for even another exciting season. The remarkable storyline in the first six seasons undoubtedly mesmerised the audience. The anime’s enormous popularity, on the other hand, might have had the opposite effect in Season 7. So let’s talk about the details we know about HxH’s upcoming season.

The Hunter X Hunter anime was never discontinued after season 6, which is a crucial fact to remember. Simply put, there hasn’t been any information on a season 7.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Announcement

This evidence suggests that the following Hunter X Hunter manga is probably already under development. Furthermore, Togashi is moving forward with it quickly and regularly. Madhouse is silent regarding the posts. Additionally, they haven’t made any recent indication of adapting fresh Hunter X Hunter content. Madhouse has been behaving more or less as if the anime series is already finished.

In March 2022, VIZ debuted the brand-new box set cover for “Hunter X Hunter: The Complete Series.”

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date

The seventh season of Hunter X Hunter has yet to be released. Season 7 might debut as early as 2024, depending on if Madhouse decides to continue the show.

Why is Hunter x Hunter Season 7 being Delayed?

The primary root of Hunter X The present dearth of manga content is the postponement of Hunter’s season 7. Madhouse doesn’t have enough completed stories to turn into a full season until Togashi can publish additional manga.

In a May 2018 interview with Weekly Shonen Jump, Togashi was frank about the manga. “I need to finish writing ‘Hunter x Hunter.’ It has come to the point where either the story concludes first, or I die before that happens. But I do intend to finish it.”

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Plot

The Dark Continent Expedition storyline, which comes after that in the manga, would be the next one for Madhouse to adapt. The Succession Contest storyline, nevertheless, might potentially be a part of season 7 because of how brief it is. Madhouse typically devotes one season to each manga story arc. Simply put, a shorter season would result from a shorter arc with less narrative. like in season 2 when the 12-episode Heavens Area arc was adapted.

The Succession Contest arc is still going on, therefore it’s uncertain how long it will go. However, it already has a more elaborate and thorough plot than the Dark Continent arc.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Characters

Kurapaki would be the main focus of Season 7, with a few other characters—including Ging—making a comeback. The manga’s Dark Continent storyline features very little of Gon and Killua Zoldyck. However, recent activity raises the possibility that they might return in season 7.

Killua’s voice actor Mariya Ise tweeted:

“Today I’ve been recording Mufufu. (Mufufuf is the Japanese version of an evil laugh, similar to mwaahah). Happy to meet my buddy on my way home! I’d like to tell you soon, but I can’t show you yet…”