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Is Chasing Waves Season 1 coming in January 2023?


Surfing is one of the most amazing sports, gliding through the water like you control the water currents feeling like the god of the sea. We can’t, however, claim that it is the most simple since becoming the best at surfing requires a ton of effort and perseverance. The new series Chasing Waves will proceed to investigate and go further into the surfing world and what it takes to be an accomplished surfer.

The upcoming show will go further into Japan’s rich culture and the elements that impact its transmission to successive generations. Here’s everything we know so far about this new show.

Chasing Waves Season 1 Release Date

We will not need to sit tight for an entire year to watch the surfers perform their art on the grounds that the forthcoming series will be released on January 11th. The number of episodes for the future show has not been revealed, however, we are sure that they are worth watching.

Chasing Waves Season 1 Cast

Some famous Japanese stars such as Mahina Maeda, Yuma Taknuki, Sara Kohrogi, Kanoa Igarashi, and Connor O’Leary, are included in the forthcoming show.

Chasing Waves Season 1 Plot

The show spins around every one of the surfers who are working hard to preserve surfing’s cultural legacy for people in the future. It covers a portion of Japan’s most significant surfing moments as well as the individuals who got them going. The show digs more into Japan’s various cultures and customs. The distinct features of Japan and its coastline set it apart from all other surfing locales. The show likewise changes to a portion of the various athletes, their histories, and what inspires them to compete in professional surfing, which is a fascinating aspect of Japan’s culture.