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Is Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 coming in January 2023?


Bungo Stray Dogs 1st reported the arrival of the 4h time of the anime in November 2021 with the arrival of a new key visual. The series has from that point forward affirmed that season 4 will be released in January 2023, making it part of the Winter 2023 lineup.

Season 4 of Bungo Stray Dogs will go under Bones studios. This season will most probably come with 12 episodes like the past one under Takuya Igarashi’s direction. Be that as it may, Youji Enokido will administer the scripting part and Kazuhiro Wakabayashi will be the sound director of the series.

Here’s everything we know so far about Bungo Stray Dogs season 4. 

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Release Date

Bungo Stray Dogs season 4 will be released on January 4, 2023. The episode will drop in Japan at 11:00 p.m. JST on Tokyo MX and other local channels.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Cast

Check out the potential cast list

  • Yuto Uemura as Atsushi Nakajima
  • Mamoru Miyano as Osamu Dazai
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Doppo Kunikida 
  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Ranpo Edogawa
  • Kensho Ono as Ryunosuke Akutagawa 
  • Chuya Nakahara as Kisho Taniyama
  • Akira Ishida as Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • Akio Ootsuka as Oochi Fukuchi
  • Makoto Koichi as Teruko Ookura
  • Takehito Koyasu as Nikolai Gogol
  • Takeshi Kusao as Mushitarou Oguri

Bungo Stray Dogs Plot

Bungo Stray Dogs follows Atsushi Nakajima, an orphan who saves a detective named Osamu Dazai. It turns out Atsushi can change into a tiger, leading Dazai to recruit him to the Armed Detective Agency. The agency includes other people with great powers. The story spins around their agency solving various cases in Yokohama.