Harley Quinn Season 4: Check out release date, cast and plot


After fears that the show would be canceled following Batgirl’s complete deletion and HBO’s trigger-happy atmosphere, fans can at last breathe, in light of the fact that Harley Quinn has been renewed for Season 4!

Presently it is the right time to begin speculating what is in store for Season 4 of the DC animated comedy, including potential potential release dates, plots, and which cast members will come back.

One thing’s for sure though, on the off chance that it follows the quality of the previous seasons, it’s gonna be amazing.

Harley Quinn Season 4 Plot

There is no affirmed plot for Season 4 at this point, yet almost certainly it will follow the wacky and exceedingly violent adventures of the powerful acrobatic villain.

Season 3 had been following Quinn and Ivy as they completed their Eat Bang Kill! Tour and got back to Gotham as the new power couple. Along with their crew, they strived to become the best version of themselves while also working towards Ivy’s plan of turning Gotham into an Eden paradise.

Peter Girardi, EVP and Alternative Programming of Warner Bros. Animation, told Deadline: “Three seasons down and I can’t even begin to think about the new levels of chaos and trouble that Harley, Ivy and the gang can get into with a fourth season. But I’m grateful to our partners at HBO Max for continuing this insane ride with us so we can all find out.”

Harley Quinn Season 4 Cast

Again, no cast members have been officially affirmed to be returning for the new series. Neither have any new characters been mentioned.

But, we can imagine that Kaley Cuoco will repeat her character as the titular Harley Quinn, alongside Lake Bell for Poison Ivy. Quinn’s crew – King Shark (Ron Funches), Clayface (Alan Tudyk), and Frank the Plant (JB Smoove) will for sure also return.

The further voice cast of the show’s 3rd season would likewise fit into Season 4, which includes Matt Oberg, Christopher Meloni, Andy Daly, Diedrich Bader, James Adomian, Sanaa Lathan, Briana Cuoco, and Harvey Guillen.

Harley Quinn Season 4 Release Date

Unfortunately, since the season has just been announced, there is no official release date at this time of writing.

Furthermore, trying to predict a release date is a little tricky. Seasons 1 and 2 was released within a year of each other, however at that point we needed to sit tight 2 years for Season 3. Season 3 will complete on September 15, which might mean that  it won’t be until 2024 that we get another season.