Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 19: The 4 key points you can not miss about this season!


On September 6, 2022, ABC will release a new Grey’s Anatomy season 19 teaser, so now is the ideal time to begin counting down until the premiere. Fans of Meredith Grey will have to accept the fact that Ellen Pompeo’s on-screen time will be significantly reduced in Season 19, but the brand-new intern class will more than makeup for it.

Since its debut in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy, the renowned medical drama starring Ellen Pompeo, has undergone numerous makeovers. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy have remained at Grey Sloan Memorial through major and minor events. The Meredith Grey family dynamics and heartbreaking tragedies will keep viewers engaged.

Is Kate Walsh Coming Back for Grey’s Anatomy Season 19?

Walsh made a long-awaited comeback for a brief arc in season 18, and ABC announced in September 2022 that Walsh will reprise her role as Dr Addison Montgomery.  “Those interns ain’t even ready,” the actress wrote via Instagram.

What Does The New Footage Offer?

Both these interns and the struggling residency programme must demonstrate how they have evolved and developed.  “We’re all getting a second chance here today. We have to prove the doubters wrong,”  Meredith explains to the interns.

The hospital was forced to accept the scraps. Mer picked the medical professionals who might not have been accepted into residency programmes but who still had potential. She assures them all that she sees “potential” in them.

Are We Seeing Any New Faces?

Pickens Jr. posted a picture of himself on the set in August 2022 among numerous new cast members, including Francis and Shum Jr.

The Grey’s Anatomy Cast Members Who Will Be Returning

The original cast members are locked in, but Speedman will only appear as a recurring character in the forthcoming episodes. Bailey and Webber will undoubtedly continue to be by Meredith’s side when Wilson and Pickens join Pompeo for the medical drama’s 19th season. Chris Carmack and Caterina Scorsone both tweeted their confirmations of their return.