Falling Into Your Smile Season 2: Check out release date, cast and plot


The year 2021 could go down in history as the most significant 12 months for Asian content. Alongside blockbuster Korean dramas like Squid Game and Vincenzo, Chinese TV series likewise made great strides with titles including Word of Honour, You Are My Hero and The Long Balla.

The E-sports series Falling Into Your Smile, which as of late appeared on Netflix and features actors like Xu Kai, Cheng Xiao, and Zhai Xiao Wen, was one of the most famous series of the year.

Sadly, Falling Into Your Smile has not yet gotten a season 2 renewal as of this writing, fresh online rumours suggest that there might be another respawn in progress.

Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Plot

The drama examines the stereotyped, pervasive, and widely held perception of gaming and how it can be seriously detrimental to ardent players. Since they don’t comprehend the nature of their career, most of the expert gamers come up lack the support of their parents. We additionally see how individuals disregard their careers since they want to play video games all day long.

The patriarchal prejudice that ladies can’t be professional gamers is likewise on display. Tong Yao encounters a lot more challenges than her male rivals when she chooses to become a professional gamer.

The show likewise emphasizes the value of friendship and the value of teamwork, however, the quest for what really fulfils us is what is most crucial. Here, Tong Yao chose to pursue a  profession in gaming regardless of her mom’s resistance.

Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Cast

There have been no official announcements about season 2 to date, thus there is no information on the cast. Nonetheless, the principal cast members of season 1 were the following actors: Lu Si Cheng is played by Xu Kai, Tong Yao by Cheng Xiao, Lu Yue by Yao Chi, and Su Luo by Judi Qi.

It appears that all of them will return in the season to amaze their audience based on the show’s finale. Zhai Xiao Wen, Rachel Wang, and a couple of different actors can likewise be supporting the main actor. Furthermore, quite possibly the C-drama would get back with a new cast to resolve the first season’s conclusion.

Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Release Date

At the time of writing, Falling Into Your Smile has not been renewed for a 2nd season, albeit recent online rumours indicate that another revival might be underway. As recently indicated, Falling Into Your Smile has been on TV for more than a year, however, there has been no official word in regards to season 2.