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Doom Patrol Season 5: Check out release date, cast and plot


Doom Patrol is an American superhero TV series. It is created by Jeremy Carver. Besides, the series is based on the DC Comic books superhero team of the same name. The 1st season of the series debuted on February 15, 2019, exclusively for the DC Universe streaming service. Afterwards, the 2nd season got released on both DC Universe and HBO Max, with the 2 streaming services releasing episodes simultaneously on June 25, 202. A 3rd season, released exclusively on HBO Max, debuted on September 23, 2021. Doom Patrol Season 4 was released on December 8, 2022. Now fans are wondering if there will be any season 5. Here’s everything we know so far about Doom Patrol season 5.

Doom Patrol Season 5 Release Date

As of now, the makers have not affirmed Doom Patrol Season 5 yet. The announcement could happen in some time since the 4th season just ended.

Doom Patrol Season 5 Cast

The cast is not yet confirmed, we expect the following cast to be seen in the forthcoming season. Check out the list below.

  • Walnette Marie Santiago as Mel
  • Stephen Murphy as Garguax the Decimator
  • Billy Boyd as Samuelson
  • Sebastian Croft as Charles Rowland
  • Ty Tennant as Edwin Paine
  • Madalyn Horcher as Crystal Palace
  • Rose Bianco as Grandma Jane
  • Ruth Connell as Night Nurse
  • Erik Passoja as the voice of Shipley
  • Micah Joe Parker as Malcolm,
  • Wynn Everett as Shelley Byron / The Fog
  • Miles Mussenden as Lloyd
  • Anita Kalathara as Holly
  • Gina Hiraizumi as Sachiko
  • Richard Gant as General Tony
  • Brendan Pedder as the voice of Puppet Harry

Doom Patrol Season 5 Plot

The plot for the 5th season can’t be guessed for now. In any case, we can remain assured that it will go on from where Season 4 ended. One thing that will remain the same will be the producers Gunn and Safran. Presently speaking about the main plot, there is the possibility that Peacemaker or Harley Quinn would contribute to the overall progress of the plot.