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Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 5 releases tomorrow, here’s everything you need to know

The much-awaited episode from the largely appreciated anime will make its appearance tomorrow. Demon Slayer aka Kimetsu no Yaiba has become a global phenomenon with its epic plot and animation. The Swordsmith Village arc’s 5th episode will release on the 7th of May at 11:15 pm in India just at the same time in Japan on Crunchyroll. The episode will be later streamed on Netflix as well.


The upcoming episode is titled ‘Red Sword’ and it will likely show the love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji in action. In the previous episode, we witnessed a raging fight between Tanjiro and Urogi, which was Hantengu’s pleasure form. Meanwhile, Genya stood up against Aizetsu (sadness) and Nezuko showed her amazing blood demon art by fighting Karaku (Joy). Tokito did save the child and terminated the fish demon. But in the end, Nezuko and Tanjiro are knocked off by Hantengu’s demons.

The latest season might bring some luck for the demon slayers as the love Hashira is on her way to giving a tough fight and we will encounter her unique abilities. Also, the upper-rank demon Gyokko still hasn’t made his real appearance in the show, but with the fish demon coming into the picture, fans are assuming Tokito will be the one to face him. As the season is proceeding, it is bringing new mysteries into light and we will surely get to catch sight of an amazing combat between the Hashiras and demons.