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Clickbait Season 2: Check out release date, cast and plot


Clickbait, the 8-episode miniseries follows a lady whose spouse vanishes, just to surface in an online viral video, his life in jeopardy. As she and the authorities race to find Nick Brewster, secrets about his life threaten his marriage, his family, and the case. Every episode kept watchers stuck to their screens and uncovered a new twist that made the series an easy binge and simple to convince others to watch. So will there be a Clickbait season 2? Here’s everything we know so far.

Clickbait Season 2 Release Date

Despite the fact that it was just released in August 2021, the series is as yet famous on Netflix. At present, it could be difficult to predict when a new season will debut. However, our guess is that the 2nd season of Clickbait will be renewed soon for 2023.

Clickbait Season 2 Cast

Check out the potential cast list of Clickbait Season 2 below.

  1. Zoe Kazan as Pia Brewer
  2. Phoenix Raei as Roshan Amiri
  3. Adrian Grenier as Nick Brewer
  4. Jessie Collins as Emma Beesly
  5. Betty Gabriel as Sophie Brewer
  6. Abraham Lim as Ben Park
  7. Motell G Foster as Curtis Hamilton
  8. Camaron Engels as Ethan Brewer
  9. Jaylin Fletcher as Kai Brewer
  10. Liz Alexander as Andrea Brewer
  11. Becca Lish as Dawn Gleed
  12. Wally Dunn as Ed Gleed
  13. Ian Meadows as Matt Aldin
  14. Steve Mouzakis as Det. Zach De Luca
  15. Jack Walton as Vince
  16. Kate Lister as Jeannine Murphy
  17. Adel Della Massa as Paula
  18. Emily Goddard as Linda
  19. Mia Challis as Jenny
  20. Ezra Bix as Det. Josephson
  21. Salme Geransar as Det. Majano
  22. Dean Cartmel as Det. Feldman
  23. Jake Unsworth as Colin Howard
  24. Akosia Sabet as Bailey Quinn
  25. Renee Lim as Alice
  26. Alexis Watt as Jessica Centeno

Clickbait Season 2 Plot

There are many turns and twists in this series, including murder and kidnapping. One of the popular figures, Nick Brewer, disappears off the outer surface of the world just to return online with a placard that reads, “I ABUSE WOMEN,” making his family and the authorities to scramble to find out the truth. The display of turns that comes next will intrigue even the most casual watcher.