Carnival Row Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and everything to know


Members of the streaming service Prime Video were unsure of what to expect when Carnival Row debuted. The fantasy series portrays a vivid, harsh universe where magical animals and people coexist in a disordered metropolis called The Burgue. Oh, and Orlando Bloom is excellent as Philo, a detective who tracks a gruesome serial killer.

The Burgue is home to a number of various fabled races, including the faeries/Fae and the half-man, half-goat Fauns, as well as witches, goblins, and wolf-men for good measure. So it’s safe to assume that the Burgue in the drama series is a rather turbulent place to dwell. The fact that many political groups are competing for control in the disarray doesn’t help.

The first season of Carnival Row comes to a close with a shocking revelation regarding Philo’s identity and some grave consequences for everyone who is even slightly different in the Burgue, where a vicious apartheid is instituted. It is obvious that things will be very different when we next encounter Philo and the other Burgue residents.


Carnival Row Season 2 Trailer 

Unfortunately, a trailer for Carnival Row season 2 has not yet been released. This is probably because Amazon is still working on the fantasy series’ post-production. However, a teaser trailer for the upcoming episodes should be released in the near future.

In order to keep viewers interested for a little while longer, the Carnival Row Twitter account, fortunately, posted a few behind-the-scenes images of the actors and crew hard at work.

Orlando Bloom is seen in the new photographs with a bleeding face, indicating that everyone’s favourite sombre investigator Philo will get into a fight at some point in the programme. A close-up of the affluent socialite Faun, Agreus (David Gyasi), and Imogen Spurnrose conversing passionately is also seen (Tamzin Merchant).

It would be intriguing to see whether the lovers have settled down in a new place or whether the authorities pushed them back to the tumultuous city after they opted to leave the Burgue at the end of Season 1. The character of Vignette Stonemoss, played by Cara Delevigne, also makes an appearance, although nothing is revealed about what will happen to her in the following section of the narrative.


Carnival Row Season 2 Plot

Sorry, but because Amazon hasn’t yet published the official Carnival Row Season 2 storyline, it’s unclear what the main mystery or motivation will be. The second season, however, is probably going to focus on how segregation impacts the Burgue and all of its residents.

The first season centres on Philo looking into a succession of brutal killings before realising it was the Darkasher, an evil creature made from dead bodies.

The monster was in charge when Vignette murdered Piety Breakspear (Indira Varma), who was searching for the identity of her husband’s illegitimate kid.

When the authorities separate the Fae and the other supernatural beings from “regular” humans, the Burgue devolves into anarchy and the season ends.

However, Philo decides to stick with Vignette out of sympathy after admitting that he is half-Fae.

The racial laws of Chancellor Jonah Breakspear (Artemas Froushan) are likely to be challenged by the Fae. It will be intriguing to watch how Erik Oleson, the new showrunner, approaches it from the perspective of Carnival Row’s neo-noir fantasy.

Agrees and Imogen’s narrative will take place in the upcoming season, Tamzin Merchant said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Imogen and Agreus get on the ship at the end of season 1, and everything is grand for the first five minutes of season 2 — and then things go very badly wrong for them.”


Carnival Row Season 2 Cast

So who will return to the Burgue in Season 2 of Carnival Row? As Philo and Vignette Stonemoss are being persecuted by the Burgue’s overlords, Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne will both return in their respective roles.

Naturally, Tamzin Merchant and David Gyasi will make a comeback as the star-crossed lovers Agreus and Imogen Spurnrose. However, because of the newly established apartheid, their relationship will definitely come under threat. In relation to the Spurnrose clan, Andrew Gower will reprise his role as Imogen’s brother, Ezra.

Tourmaline Larou, Vignette’s ex-lover, is also featured in Season 2, and Karla Crome is back to reprise her role as the courtesan. As interim Chancellor Jonah Breakspear, Artemas Froushan will also be back. His position will probably involve ruling the Burgue with an iron grip.

According to Deadline, Jamie Harris’ Sergeant Dombey is now a series regular, giving him more screen time this time around. He frequently expresses his racist beliefs in Season 1, which will only give him more confidence moving into Season 2.

Several more characters will probably appear in Season 2, but Amazon hasn’t yet made it known who else will be joining the group. In order to rescue the magical society from its oppressors, Philo and Vignette must perhaps find some new friends.


Where to watch Carnival Row season 2?

Carnival Row season 2 will eventually be made accessible for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, Amazon has not stated a release date for Carnival Row season 2. The second season’s filming was finished in September 2021, however, it doesn’t imply it is currently ready.

Naturally, the ongoing epidemic caused delays in the Carnival Row project in 2020. It is quite sad since if the delay hadn’t occurred, season 2 would have already been available to the public.