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Am I Actually The Strongest? – Anime to release in July 2023, new trailer out now – WATCH

The Isekai theme-based manga is all set to make its appearance on your TV screens as Takashi Naoya has taken the task of remaking its animated version setting. Am I Actually The Strongest? is written by Sai Sumimori and was initially published in September 2018. The book series will be adapted into an anime and is scheduled to release in July this year.

The show will be telecasted on ABC, TV Asahi for the Japanese audience and simultaneously aired on Crunchyroll, as the streaming portal has already taken the license for the upcoming anime. The manga has 8 volumes as of February 2023, which were published by Kodansha.

The story revolves around the protagonist Haruto, who is a school-going boy and is being bullied by his classmates, for the same reason he wished to stay alone and that leads to his death, due to poor diet. Later on, he is granted a wish by the goddess and transported into another realm as a newborn child, but unfortunately has exceedingly low power, which his new parents consider a threat as Haruto is a prince. Overall, the plot is about reincarnation and how Haruto will fight against all the odds to survive and create a place for himself.

The official YouTube channel of Kodansha has already released the trailer for the approaching anime and fans have been waiting in anticipation for the anime to get released as the first look of the show left the anime weebs in complete astonishment. Also, a new trailer has been broadcasted and it shares more insights into the fantasy series.