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69th National Film Awards 2023: Kerala wins 7 awards in the feature and non-feature categories

Kerala got a total of six awards at the 69th National Film Awards for the year 2021. Home wins Best Feature Film in Malayalam, while Shahi Kabir’s ‘Nayattu’ by Leona Merlin Antony wins Best Screenplay.

The 69th National Film Awards for 2021 were revealed during a press conference in New Delhi. The National Film Development Corporation of India organises it to recognise the finest aesthetic creations of Indian cinema.

Non-Feature Films and Feature Films are the two categories for the National Film Awards. The Directorate of Film Festivals in India appoints the jury to assess the quality of the films under consideration.


The complete list of National Film Awards won by Kerala is provided below. A total of six awards were given out in the Feature and Non-Feature categories.

1. Adithi Krishnadas’s ‘Kandittundu’ is the best animated film.

‘Kandittundu’ was named Best Animation Film in the Non-Feature Film category. This animation film is directed by Adithi Krishnadas. ‘Kandittundu’ illustrates the beautiful ghost stories that have been woven into Malayalam folklore. The film was created by the production company Studio Eeksaurus.

2. ‘Munnam Valavu’: Best Environmental Film

‘Munnam Valavu’ was named Best Environment Film Including Agriculture in the Non-Feature Film category. R. S. Pradeep is in charge of the direction.

5 awards were received by the Feature Film category which are for the following films listed below.

3. Special Mention for Feature Films: Indrans for the film ‘Home’

Indrans was recognised for his portrayal in the film ‘Home,’ directed by Rojin Thomas. He plays Oliver Twist, a father who battles with technology.

4. Malayalam Language Best Feature Film Award: ‘Home’

‘Home,’ directed by Rojin Thomas and starring Indrans, better known as K. Surendran, was released in 2021. It was named Best Feature Film in each of the languages included in the Constitution’s Schedule VIII. The film tells the narrative of a technologically handicapped parent attempting to keep up with the current pace of the world. It also emphasises the topic of the generation divide and how it affects both the older and younger generations.

5. Best Screenplay Award: Shahi Kabir’s ‘Nayattu’

The script for the Malayalam film ‘Nayattu’ was written by Shahi Kabir. He also wrote the 2018 picture ‘Joseph,’ which earned positive reviews for its story at the time. ‘Nayattu,’ directed by Martin Prakkat, is about three police officers who strive to evade arrest after being falsely accused of a crime by corrupt officials.

6. Best Debut Film of a Director: Vishnu Mohan’s ‘Meppadiyan’

Vishnu Mohan’s thriller ‘Meppadiyan’ stars Unni Mukundan. Jayakrishnan, the central character, finds himself in financial difficulty after some greedy politicians abandon him following a real estate transaction. Specifically, ‘Meppadiyan’ won the Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Film of a Director.

7. Best Environmental Conservation/Preservation Film

Director Krishand’s ‘Aavasavyuham’ was named Best Film on Environmental Conservation. Aavasavyuham: The Arbit Documentation of An Amphibian Hunt is the full title of the film. Rahul Rajagopal, Sreenath Babu, Sreejith Babu, and Zhinz Shan play the key parts.