Was Aryan Khan framed in the drug cruise case? Witness claims the bust preplanned

Aryan Khan’s drug case for which he was detained in the NCM office for weeks, was apparently preplanned and he was framed for money.

After Aryan Khan’s bail a few days ago, his appearance on Friday at the NCB office marks his first weekly attendance. After quite many twists and turns in this NCB raid case, another twist comes from the witnesses claiming the cruise bust case to be “preplanned” and that Aryan khan was “framed”.

A person named Vijay Pagare has revealed that was aware of the pre-raid cruise discussions, he has also given his official statement to the Special investigation team(SIT) regarding the same and stated that Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan was roped up in this case by certain individuals to make monetary benefits from it.


Vijaya Pagare spoke out, saying the strategy was finalized by September 27 and the rai was conducted on October 2. He later also revealed how he was staying with a man called Sunil Patel who was reportedly transferring cruise information to the NCB.

Bussinman sam D’souza, who is being investigated for extortion, has Patil’s name cropped up in it. D’souza also mentioned how KP Gosavi, whose selfie with Aryan Khan went viral, has saved Patils name as SW on phone, referring to NCB zonal officer Samir Wankhede, to prove he had a direct connection with the NCB.

Before the cruise raid, witness Pagare revealed, he, Sunil Pate, KP Gosavi, and one of the BJP workers, Manish Bhanushali, met up in a hotel in  Vashi, and that Pagare was clueless as to the happening there. while at the hotel, Bhanushali reportedly told Patil”Bada Kaam Hogaya”,(The big work has been done), have to leave for Ahmedabad, but don’t take Pagare along.

It was later on October 3, that Manish Bhanushali asked Pagare to tag along to the NCB office where he saw Aryan Khan detained and the visuals of KP Gosavi and Suni Patel escorting the star kid to the NCB office, that’s when Pagare claims that he released, Aryan khan was possibly framed and that the cruise drug bust was preplanned.