Zack and Sam’s friendship has a bright future, according to EastEnders actor James Farrar

It is understandable that Zack Hudson (James Farrar) has had difficulties since receiving his HIV diagnosis on EastEnders.

As Zack tries to come to grips with his life-changing discovery, the plot has seen him spiral out of control starting when his old friend Brett (Fabrizio Santino) came. Zack’s change in demeanour has alarmed his friends and family, particularly his former sweetheart Sam, who he hasn’t been able to speak about (Kim Medcalf). Up next, Whitney (Shona McGarty) wonders why Zack won’t be there for his child after Zack tries to aid her covertly by asking Kat (Jessie Wallace) to give her the buggy she needs without revealing he bought it.

Sam Mitchell and Zack Hudson’s friendship may continue in the future, according to EastEnders actor James Farrar. In scenes that will air the following week, Zack will decide to tell Sam about his new HIV diagnosis. The actor hinted at the couple’s future while chatting with Inside Soap, admitting that the two ex-lovers still have feelings for one another.


“Zack thinks Sam will judge him, but she comes in with understanding and compassion,” he said.

“I really like their relationship – there’s still a possibility of romance there, but it’s more than just physical attraction,” he continued. “There will be so many examples in the next few months of Sam going above and beyond for Zack.”

Farrar indicated that although Zack was delighted to have someone to talk to, Sam wasn’t precisely the person he initially had in mind, despite their growing closeness. “For sure [he’s happy to have a confidante], but unfortunately, it’s not the person that he wishes he could tell,” he said. “Whitney would be number one for him.”

The Terrence Higgins Trust reported a recent 75% spike in traffic to its website as the plot started to air. The issue-based storyline has witnessed a surge in interest in the topic of HIV. Farrar, who started working on the BBC soap opera in 2021, expressed gratitude for the attention that Zack’s story has generated, adding: “We’ve sparked a conversation that will help to re-educate and tackle some of the misconceptions people hold due to a lack of knowledge.

“It’s not what I expected, but that’s exactly why it’s important for EastEnders to cover these issues. We’re trying to educate both ourselves and the audience on what it’s like for a guy like Zack to deal with his diagnosis.”

EastEnders airs on Mondays-Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.