Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Ruhi envious of Abhira, Armaan’s growing closeness, Manisha & Vidya plot against her- Here’s what we know

Samridhii Shukla and Rohit Purohit starrer ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ show has been in the limelight with its new generation plotline. The new Armaan and Ruhi are being liked by fans in huge numbers. Abhira has also started feeling for Armaan. Due to Akshara’s wish, Armaan and Abhira get married but Armaan is already in love with Ruhi. Therefore, Ruhi had to marry Armaan’s brother Rohit. But Rohit has been missing for quite some time and everyone has even assumed him to be dead.

Ruhi now wants Armaan back in her life and wants him to leave Abhira. Armaan and Abhira’s growing closeness is causing Ruhi big trouble. She feels that they both will fall in love with each other which is why she wants to separate them. In the recent episode, it was showcased that Abhira will leave for Mussourie, as her mother’s hotel is in jeopardy.


Armaan also goes to Mussourie with Abhira and helps her save the hotel. They both plan to start the hotel and work on it. Ruhi gets jealous as Abhira and Armaan will be staying alone. She makes an excuse at home saying that she is going to a friend’s place. But, he reaches Mussourie and is adamant about separating the two.

The recent episodes will showcase Manisha speculating on Ruhi’s moves. She will inform Vidya to watch Ruhi as the latter is trying to come between Abhira and Armaan. Vidya wouldn’t believe Manisha’s claims at first but then she will notice what Ruhi is up to. Vidya will join hands with Manisha to keep Ruhi away from Abhira and Armaan.