Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai plot twist: Abhira to get justice for her client; Armaan, Ruhi’s closeness becomes an issue? 

In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai show, we saw that Armaan is trying his best to win over Abhira. He has decided to have patience and wait for her decision. Armaan is in love with her and is not ready to give up yet. However, it seems like the makers have different plans in mind. In the upcoming episode, Armaan and Abhira will be seen fighting a case against each other.

Today’s episode showcased that Armaan and Kaveri share an emotional moment. When dadisa is serving him food, she gets emotional and they both hug each other. Later on, Armaan asks her to accept Abhira. But Kaveri denies and gets annoyed at him again.


Armaan gets to have a heartfelt conversation with Abhira. He returns her their marriage certificate as their divorce isn’t finalized. Armaan is happy to have a wholesome talk with her. They are happy sharing a good time together. At that moment, Ruhi calls Armaan and says that she has been charged in a case for rash driving.

Meanwhile, Abhira also gets a call from the victim. She explains how her husband has been hospitalized as the car hit him. Abhira and Armaan fight against each other and try to present their arguments. But it seems like Abhira gets jealous when Armaan is close to Ruhi.

Abhira vows to get justice for her client. Ruhi is scared that Abhira will take up revenge and send her behind bars. While Armaan has come up with a solution that would be beneficial for both parties. But Abhira refuses his proposal and decides to fight her own way.

Will Abhira get justice for her client? Will Ruhi’s presence make Armaan and Abhira more distant? Stay tuned for more such updates at Business Upturn.