Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode update: Dadi sides with Abhira during the Saraswati Puja; Ruhi and Abhira starts arguing 

The episode begins with Yuvraj firmly addressing everybody present, including the police and Armaan, and declaring his desire to reach Abhira regardless of the barriers in his road. Sanjay is concerned by his self-assured demeanour, while Armaan casually proposes some kulfi. Abhira quickly agrees, and throughout their talk, Dev expresses his reluctance to collect information illegally from his family’s firm, which Charu acknowledges.

As their conversation continues, Aryan encourages Ruhi to speak up, which prompts Kiara to do the same. Ruhi approaches Dadi, Vidya, and Manisha and proposes a little Valentine’s Day event at home, emphasising the value of family love.


However, Dadi dismisses the proposal, prompting Ruhi to propose a picnic instead. Abhira and Armaan return home, triggering a quarrel over the approaching celebration plans. Dadi eventually agrees with Abhira, choosing to observe Saraswati puja rather than holding a celebration, much to the disappointment of the children.

Despite Dadi’s choice, Ruhi remains positive, implying that those interested can still attend the festivities. Meanwhile, Abhira receives an unexpected gift containing a red colour, which accidentally spills into her face, resulting in a tense situation witnessed by Ruhi. Yuvraj, looking from a distance, enjoys the sight, anticipating Abhira’s coming loyalty to him. Ruhi, sensing Abhira’s pain, offers her assistance, fearing Armaan’s participation, but Abhira is unsure.

Ruhi confronts Armaan, who denies all wrongdoing, before storming off.

Elsewhere, Sanjay decides to continue with Saraswati puja, emphasising the importance of blessings and cracking light-hearted jokes. Amidst the banter, Manisha makes a sarcastic remark regarding Sanjay’s relationship with Kajal, causing Vidya to step in. Manisha contemplates on the importance of love and understanding as she considers the complexity of her family life.

Abhira and Armaan had a fun moment while painting an idol, temporarily putting aside their tensions. However, their friendship is short-lived when Ruhi steps in, igniting a violent dispute about the scheduling of the approaching ceremonies. Despite their opposing viewpoints, Dadi eventually decides to prioritise tradition, much to Abhira’s dismay.