Yeh Hai Chahatein episode update: Kashvi discovers Karun’s fears

Episode Update: February 19, 2024.

Arjun looks at Kashvi. The Chahatein tune plays…Kashvi is working in the kitchen. Kashvi notices Nurse Arjun staring at her and cuts her finger in error. Arjun rushes to her and sucks her finger. Kashvi wonders why she is feeling this way since Sunaina is a girl. Arjun/Nurse explains that she is blocking blood flow and that she will bring a first-aid box.

Kashvi says no, she’s fine. Arjun inquires as to if she is a nurse and who received the training. He bandages her head and kisses her hand, saying, “Jaddo ki pappi.” The doorbell rings. Arjun opens the door and discovers Karun there. Karun: Aunty, you…Kashvi notices Karun and invites him to come inside.


Karun enters and sits. Arjun wonders why he came here and decides to find out. Kashvi asks Karun why he came alone. Karun claims he went to her office, but she was not present, so he came here. Kashvi asks whether he wants a sandwich made by her. She walks to the kitchen and asks Nurse Arjun to massage Sushma. Arjun goes to Sushma.

Sushma wonders why she took so much time. Arjun claims she stopped to check who had come. He applied oil to Sushma’s feet. Sushma scolds him and begs him to leave so that they can find another decent nurse. Arjun apologises and settles down to give her a massage.

Karun eats the lunch and thanks her. Kashvi expresses no need for thanks. Karun claims Dad is not at home, and Mamma said you sent him on mission, and he is leaving us because of you. He claims to be unaware of all of this, but he adores his mother and longs for his father. Kashvi wonders where Arjun went. Karun wants her to ask his father to be nice to his mother.

Kashvi assures him that she did not send Arjun on any missions and that she will ask Aditya if he did, then call him back. Karun thanked him. Kashvi believes Arjun is neglecting his family and decides to talk to him. Arjun comes out with warm water and asks Kashvi about Karun. Kashvi tells him that he came to meet her. Arjun wonders why her mood is off.

Adi arrives home. Kashvi inquires if he sent Arjun on a mission, as Karun had told her. Adi wonders if he has come here. Kashvi answers, “Yes.” She calls Arjun, and his phone rings. Kashvi asks if he’s in our house. They came out to see. Arjun pretends to talk to her mother. They ask if her phone rang just now. He argues and speaks like a girl. They proceeded from there.

Kashvi contacts Arjun at night, asking him to meet her on his lawn. Arjun is dressed and watches her leave. He arrives home before her, taking the shortcut. She asks him who sent him on a mission and prompts him to respond. Arjun says we are each other’s ex; why are you asking me? You beg me not to interfere in your life since you are Adi’s wife. Kashvi says I’m begging for Karun.