“With acting I try to bring entertainment value and via physiotherapy I help in health matters” says Pravisht Mishra

Pravisht Mishra is balancing his life well, dabbling between both professions.

A known entertainer and a physiotherapy intern, Pravisht Mishra is adjusting his life well, dabbling between the two professions. He feels however both are different from one another still the essential purpose is the same.

On his visit to Lucknow Pravisht Mishra says, “I don’t see them as two different professions because at the end of the day the basic intent of both is to add value to human life. With acting, I try to bring entertainment value, and via physiotherapy, I help in health matters. And as a professional, I will always strive to do my best in both.”


During pandemics other than acting, he got an opportunity to serve individuals at Covid centers. “Since I was not shooting in those days, I found time to go ahead with my internship. My duty was at the ICU where we were rehabilitating pandemic patients. There I got to witness how Covid warriors were supporting each other. There was so much negativity and mental stress but everyone was trying their best to maintain positivity around.”

Other than television, Mishra is anticipating exploring other genres as well. “I have always tried to juggle between acting and studies. Once my studies are done, I will try my hand at different acting opportunities as well. I will love to explore every genre and newer platforms. With a daily soap, you just don’t find time for anything else. Later on, I will surely love to do a few OTT shows.”

He is happy with the way his show has shaped up of late,  “It started few months before the pandemic, but we continued shooting after lockdown and during second wave we shifted to Gujarat. Since our show is set in the pre-independence era so while shooting, we got to witness a big contrast. In the real world, there were so many problems, and many television shows got a chance to incorporate pandemics in their storyline, but we couldn’t do that as we had a show set in a different era. It was challenging as individuals and actors as our emotions were very different from the outer world. But thankfully, all is well now, and the show is in a very interesting phase with new turns, twists, and the leap.

Discussing his UP connect he says, “I have been coming here but my last visit was many years back. We were very frequent to Allahabad as my family hails from Badlapur village near Jaunpur. Due to my roots there, UP will always live in my heart. I remember coming to Lucknow and visiting Bada Imambara where my sister once went missing and was later, found near an ice-cream stall. It’s nostalgic as I visited the place after eight long years.”