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Will we get to see Big Brother Canada Season 12?

Big Brother Canada Season 11 has come to an end. The Canadian reality show was premiered on 8th March, 2023. With sixteen houseguests the show ran for 69 days. At the end Terrell “Ty” McDonald and Claudia Campbell emerged as two finalists and Terrell “Ty” McDonald lifted that trophy with a cash prize $100,000 and additional prizes. The season was by hosted by Arisa Cox.

Throughout the years Big Brother Canada has been receiving lots of love and appreciation from the audience. The completion of season 11 has brought the a question that whether we will be able to witness season 12 or not?, that has been resurfacing on the internet for last few days.

Till now there hasn’t been any confirmation from the network regarding season 12. In order to proceed for the next season the makers need to asses the previous season’s performance and reception.

There are chances that the season 11 can be the last season of the series as without feeds the show has lost more than half the viewers which isn’t a positive sign when it comes to show’s renewal.

If everything goes well and the renewal happens then we can Big Brother Canada Season 12 to on air in early 2024 as earlier also there used to be almost a year gap between two consecutive seasons.