Valentine’s Day special: Anupama aka Rupali Ganguly shares glimpses of her celebration – Take a look

Rupali Ganguly shared a series of images that evoke Valentine’s Day sentiments. She looked lovely in her red outfit.

As Valentine’s Day spreads around the world, hearts are filled with love, and celebrities are no exception. Rupali Ganguly, best known for her role as Anupamaa, is one of the stars propagating the romantic atmosphere.

The actress used Instagram to reveal peeks of her Valentine’s Day party, enthralling followers with her poignant moments. She looked lovely in a red dress and shared images clutching a bunch of roses, a teddy bear, and chocolates. She shared the stunning photographs, expressed gratitude, and remarked, “Flower power. Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you for these beautiful flowers.”


In response, adoring fans flooded the comments section with affectionate messages, showering Rupali with compliments and love. One user expressed, “The colour of flowers seems dull in front of you, you are so beautiful,” while another wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day, my beautiful love.”

Rupali also shared a beautiful video snippet of a lighthearted discussion in the kitchen with her husband, Ashwin K Verma. The video captures the duo’s lighthearted banter as Ashwin chops onions and Rupali attempts to place a plate on the countertop. Amused by her actions, her husband begins slicing the onions more fiercely, prompting Rupali to retire and wash her dish instead. The caption for the video reads, “How we communicate.” Rupali captioned the video, “Bina Bole Ek Dusre ki baat samajhna is not talent; it’s love! Happy Valentine’s Day! (Understanding each other without speaking is not talent, but love!).


During an interview with Times Now Digital, Rupali said, “There are no arrangements for Valentine’s Day. It is a day to celebrate love, but love does not require a special day to be celebrated. We also observe Saraswati Puja on that day, and I worship Saraswati mata. Saraswati Puja means more to me than Valentine’s Day. After I finish my puja, I’ll come for my shoot. “I believe Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love with everyone.”

Rupali married Ashwin, a businessman and filmmaker. They first met on the set of an advertising shoot. After knowing each other for 13 years, they exchanged vows on February 6, 2013. They are blessed with a son named Rudransh.