There should be National Awards for television too, says actor Sudhanshu Pandey

Sudhanshu Pandey: “Television has not got the recognition that it deserves. It’s the only industry that runs 24/7 and 365 days a year.”

In Indian television, as of late, many award functions have been organised to honour members of the fraternity. In any case, Sudhanshu Pandey has a greater dream for the small screen and he now wants to work toward the direction of satisfying it. He unequivocally feels that there should to be National Awards for television as well, very much like films. To take this idea ahead, he intends to dispatch a mission to collect support from different quarters, and in the end, approach government officials.

The actor says, “This has been on my mind for a while now and some time ago, I decided to work on it. I have shot a couple of videos, and I hope to spread awareness about this initiative — ‘National Awards For Indian Television’. Today, social media can be a very effective tool to put your ideas across. I’ve been discussing this with people from the industry, and I am sure they are going to support me in it.”


Ask him about the foundation of this idea, and he says, “I started my career with television in 1998 when I did a show for BR Chopra. Sometime later, I got into films and continued with that and also did web shows. TV happened to me again last year, when producer Rajan Shahi, who’s a friend, offered me Anupamaa, saying he could not see any other actor in that role. That’s when it all began.” It was during the first lockdown that this idea came to him. We shot for Anupamaa for a week in March 2020, and the lockdown was announced. During the lockdown, I watched many television shows and got a good understanding of the industry. I realised how television is the most powerful, impactful and influential industry today. In June 2020, we started shooting for our show again, and I have been shooting non-stop since then. The response and the appreciation that I have got for my role is unbelievable. That’s the reach of TV,” says Sudhanshu.

He adds, “Television has not got the recognition that it deserves. It’s the only industry that runs 24/7 and 365 days a year. Throughout the pandemic, too, except for a few months, work didn’t stop here. People across all channels, production houses worked relentlessly to provide viewers their daily dose of entertainment. I think their work deserves to be considered for the National Awards. It’s a dream that I have seen, but I want to fulfil it for all of us.”