The Kapil Sharma Show: “You can pay but I am not paying” – Nora Fatehi responds to Archana Singh as she asks about not paying bills during dates

In the promo, Akshay Kumar, Mouni Roy, Disha Patani, Nora Fatehi, and Sonam Bajwa all appear on the programme to promote their respective films. In the trailer, Akshay makes fun of having to travel with 4 women and returning home with a sorrowful face. Also, Nora Fatehi is questioned by Archana Puran Singh about not paying bills while on dates, and her response has everyone in surprise.

Akshay Kumar will appear on The Kapil Sharma Show in an upcoming episode to promote his new film along with Mouni Roy, Disha Patani, Nora Fatehi, and Sonam Bajwa. In the promo, Akshay is heard warning that he needs to exercise caution once he returns home, particularly because he travelled abroad with four female leads. Also, we witness Kapil making fun of Rajiv Thakur as they both participate in a stage act.

In the promo, Akshay says “I get a lot of tension when I have to leave with 4 ladies on a foreign tour. I got to show myself sad if you return back happy to beta agla show kabhi nahi hoga.” He later asks Kapil if he must be aware of all this and Kapil replies “Yes paaji I can understand but let it be why to talk about it”.


In a later segment of the promo, Kapil discusses a comment Nora made in an interview, in which she stated that “when she goes on a date, the guy must pay for it all.”

Archana interrupts and adds “Nora the world has changed, now women are paying of course”, Nora states “You can pay but I am not paying…” After listening to Nora’s answer everyone bursts into laughter.

Moreover, as Rajiv approaches the platform, Kapil pulls his legs. He is questioned by Kapila about his attire and the reason behind it. Kapil cracks a joke and informs Akshay, “When our luggage gets mixed up, normally he can smell your stuff and tell you where it is,” when Rajiv says this is his airport appearance. When he was last born, he was a German Shephard.

When Kapil notices a member of the crowd get up, he asks where he is going, to which the person replies that he must use the restroom. When Rajiv enters the room on the show, people always leave to use the restroom, which Kapil remarks on in a hilarious way.