Teri Meri Doriyaan episode update: Veer gets drunk; Angad questions Veer

Episode Update: February 16, 2024

Manveer questions Angad about Sahiba’s latest drama. Angad claims Sahiba is ill. Manveer claims Sahiba is doing this to get his attention. Angad claims Sahiba is still his wife, and he cannot hear against her; she is only here because of court orders, and she is quite distressed; therefore, he does not want anyone to blame her.

Gurleen wants her to behave with his mother and listen to her since she is concerned about him. Angad claims that this time Mamma is incorrect. Sahiba recalls Angad saying she was standing on a balcony railing. She drank spiked water again. Jasleen approaches her and asks what she is doing on the railing and if she is okay.


Sahiba asks her to go, as Bebe and Darji will not like seeing her with her and may scold her. Jasleen asks her to take care of herself, and she walks away.

Keerat hears his phone ring and assumes it must be Veer, then wonders why he would contact her. She detects Garry’s call and informs him that she is not in the mood to talk and prefers to be alone. Garry asks her not to hang up the phone and says he understands she feels bad when she is unhappy and blames herself, but he, Sahiba, and his parents are concerned about her, and she should talk her heart out with him anytime she feels like it and not feel alone. He claims he knows she hasn’t had anything since the morning, so he left a food package in her window, that he didn’t come to spy on her but is really concerned about her, and so on. She selects food packets, finds aloo parathas in them, and recalls Garry taking her to the aloo parantha stall.

Veer gets quite intoxicated. Angad approaches him and begs him to recount what really transpired that night. Veer plays the victim role, asking whether he’s talking about the night Keerat betrayed him. Angad questions whether Keerat truly deceived him and expresses a desire to hear the entire story again. Veer claims he was missing Keerat that night and hence called her to a hotel. Angad urges him to look at him and explain what happened next. Veer claims she did not visit him and instead went to meet Garry.

Angad wonders if that happened that night. Veer wonders if he is doubting him; he had sincerely loved Keerat, but she betrayed him; he is upset because his elder brother does not trust him; and why did he save him if he had to question him? He cries as he holds Angad’s feet. Angad succumbs to his emotional blackmail, as usual.

The next morning, Sahiba wakes up thirsty. Seerat presents a water can via servants and informs Sahiba that everyone’s mood will be ruined if Sahiba leaves the room, so she brought a week’s supply of water for Sahiba. Sahiba inquires whether she is concerned for others or has come to feel glad after viewing her circumstances. Seerat agrees, saying she doesn’t want Sahiba to appear in front of Angad and his family and remain in this room.

Sahiba drank glasses of water. Keerat smirks as he watches her hide and recalls a man handing her hypnotic substance to prove Sahiba mad. She walks away, thinking she will enjoy witnessing Sahiba’s delusions.

Sahiba begins to experience delusions again, seeing a ceiling fan fall on her and walls move towards her, among other things. She runs out onto the yard, shouting. She detects a pillar falling towards Angad and tells him to step away. The family gathers. Sahiba goes towards Angad and observes a pillar falling on him.