Teri Meri Doriyaan Episode Update: Angad discovers shocking reason behind Sahiba’s condition

Episode Update: February 22, 2024.

Angad overhears the maid talk to Garry, questioning why he didn’t let her know that he sent that heater for Sahiba. Garry claims that Angad would have rejected it; Sahiba helped him a lot when he was in need, and now it’s his turn to support Sahiba when she is in need. Angad contacts Garry to thank him for showing concern for Sahiba. He believes that, while he no longer trusts Garry, he recognises Garry’s genuine concern for Sahiba.

Garry says he is concerned for Sahiba, but not more than Angad, since he knows Angad loves Sahiba a lot and they both stand by each other in need like pillars. Angad should be alongside Sahiba in this scenario because Sahiba needs him more than medicines. Angad leaves.


Seerat notices Angad departing and understands they need to rush to give Sahiba the final dose of the medicine. She faces opposition from Garry, but she remains focused on her purpose.

Angad interrogates security about any intruders but discovers no trace of entry or exit. Veer queries Seerat about the status of their plan, and she admits to the setback caused by Garry’s interference. Determined to proceed, Veer devises a plan to separate Angad and Sahiba for the final dosage.

Veer, who is accompanying Seerat, overhears their talk and says they cannot give Sahiba hypnotic powder because Angad would be guarding her. Seerat claims that all of their efforts to drive Sahiba insane will be in vain. Veer claims Angad will not be guarding Sahiba everywhere because he knows how to drug him again.

Precap: Angad tells Seerat that he knows she still loves him and asks if they can forget the past and marry. Sahiba asks what he’s saying. Angad asks Seerat if she wants to hear this, drags her out of the house, and closes the door in her face. Seerat claims he shouldn’t have accepted the curse of a loveless woman.

-Episode Ends-