Spoiler alert!! Anupamaa: Vanraj asks Anu to withdraw the FIR against Toshu; Yashdeep’s restaurant to shut down? – Here’s what we know

Anupamaa show is yet again on the verge of compelling the audience with drama and suspense. The upcoming episodes are going to be filled with unprecedented twists and turns. Anuj and Shruti’s wedding has surely startled Anu and she is on the verge of breakdown. It will be shown that Pakhi and Kavya will also arrive in the US with their kids. Meanwhile, Yashdeep’s restaurant Spice and Chutney is going to be closed down. It will happen soon.

The upcoming episode will showcase that Yashpal has taken a lot of loans earlier and because of that Yashdeep has to sell his restaurant to pay off the debt. Yashdeep is distressed by the recent development. He is rectifying all the vital documents and it is when Anu arrives. She puts forward an idea stating that they should organize a Holi party, as it will benefit the restaurant. However, Anu notices that Yashdeep is not in a great mood. She asks him if there’s any kind of problem, but her refrains from sharing the actual truth.


In addition to that, Kavya, and Dimpy will arrive US and it will be a happening moment for Anu. She will rejoice at seeing them in the States. Kinjal will stand up against Vanraj and inform him that if Toshu doesn’t appear on Holi, she along with her daughter Pari will return to India.

Vanraj will then ask Anu to withdraw the FIR because then only he will bring back Toshu. It will be a devastating situation for Anu to let go of his son once again. She wouldn’t want to set Toshu free for his wrong deeds. However, it will be interesting to witness if Anu will put up a fight or surrender to Vanraj’s demands.