Spoiler alert!! Anupamaa: Anuj to save Anu from getting caught by the police? Will that bring #MaAn closer?

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa is buzzing around all over the place. Yet another time, Anupamaa has landed herself into huge trouble. Her son Toshu has framed her in a robbery case and put her under the police’s scrutiny. As Toshu gets a job at Anuj Kapadia’s office, he decides to move out of the mess that he has created. However, Toshu’s haunting past never seems to favour him in the best possible ways.

Toshu commits a crime that exceeds all stages of selfishness. He steals a diamond necklace from an event and as the police come searching when the alarm goes on, he puts that neckpiece in his mother’s bag. It seems like Anupamaa cannot save herself from these tedious problems even in abroad.


But, it turns out that Anuj is also present at the event and he is the owner of the event management company. As Anuj witnesses Anu being caught by the police, he gets agitated. He wants to get her out of trouble, but he also wants to reach India for Aadhya and Shruti. But Anuj cannot leave Anu in this trouble and walk away.

This particular incident struck Yashdeep as he realised how Anu and Anuj are inseparable. Even after all that happened between them, they share strong feelings for each other. Witnessing Anuj’s distressed state towards Anupamaa, he will hold back his feelings.

The upcoming episodes will showcase a major plot twist in the popular show. It will be interesting to see if this particular event will bring Anuj and Anupamaa closer. As Anu has withdrawn herself from Anuj’s life for the sake of her daughter Aadhya, who believed that Anu always took her for granted. It will be intriguing to see how the story will unfold for Anupamaa and Anuj ahead of this mess.