Spoiler Alert! Anupamaa: Anu to witness her dreams come to reality with the arrival of THIS new character

One of the popular shows on television Anupamaa is getting buzzed around a lot. The serial delivers high-end drama, leaving the audience stunned by the recent string of events. Anu has moved to America and is in the pursuit of making it big there. She has been shining in her dancing career and along with working at a restaurant. To top it off, Anu has now a tea leaves product in her kitty.

Through her sheer dedication, she is reaching new heights. However, it occurs that Anuj won’t be the one helping her achieve her dreams. The recent show’s promo has caught fans in a frenzy. They are scratching their heads, wondering who will help Anu.


The last episode showcased that Yashdeep and others at the restaurant planned a birthday party for Anu. Kinjal and Pari also poured in their heartfelt wishes. Her granddaughter Pari made her a greeting card. Baa and Vanraj wished Anu, but they were taunting her just like any other time.

Vanraj pointed out Anu’s growing closeness towards Yashdeep. But Anu slammed him by saying that he should rather focus on Toshu, who is hiding from the police.

Yashdeep surprises Anu by gifting her the tea product. The product goes by her name and Anu’s photo is imprinted on it. Anu is exhilarated in joy and thanks Yashdeep for his kind gesture. Simultaneously, Anu and Shruti arrive there. Shruti hands over her wedding card to Anu and says that she is getting married to Anuj.

Anu decides to move ahead, leaving her past behind. However, it will be intriguing to witness if Anu will be affected by Anuj’s marriage or if she will keep focusing on her professional career.

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