Spoiler alert!! Anupamaa: Anu to reveal Shruti’s real intentions, reprimands the latter for ruining her career- Read details here   

Rupali Ganguly starrer Anupamaa seems to be on the top of the TRP ratings. The show is dropping some major drama and fans are absolutely in love with it. Anupamaa’s dream to make it big in the US got crushed as she faced a drastic downfall. Her passion for becoming a chef was being jeopardized when a food critic destroyed her career. This made Anu all the more vulnerable, however she is trying to cope up with her loss.

Anu arrived in India to attend Dimpy and Titu’s wedding. This made Anuj and Aadhya follow her. Interestingly, Shruti also made her entry back to India. But the story took a strange turn when Anu got to know that Shruti was the one who plotted agaisnt her. Anu heard Shruti talking to Mrs Smith, the food critic. It was the same person who was behind the fall of Spice and Chutney restaurant.


In the upcoming episode, it will be showcased that Anupamaa confronts Shruti and demands answers for her terrible act. Anu blames her for targeting her career, self-esteem and what not. To which Shurti accuses her of coming between her and Anuj. Shruti stated that the latter tried to snatch away Anuj from her.

Anupamaa said that if she had problems with that she should have ruined her personal life not professional career. Anu reprimanded Shruti by calling her darpok for playing such petty tricks in ambush.

Anuj finds Anu in a distressed state and asks her about the same. Meanwhile, Shruti makes her entry at the exact time. Anu gives her an intense look which makes Anuj skeptical of the situation between the two. Later in the episode, it will be shown that everyone play truth and dare game. Will Anu use this as a means to reveal Shruti’s ill intentions?

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