Shivin Narang speaks on ‘Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera’ being on air!

Actor Shivin Narang is thrilled that his show Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera is being re-telecast during this lockdown situation. The actor says that the show meant a lot to him. “It feels great as this is a show about the strong bond shared between a brother and sister. What I know is that it’s already running in 50 countries in different languages all over the world. And the decision of airing it again for us is simply superb. Those who hadn’t watched it before will get to see it now. I feel lucky and at the same time, I feel proud too that I was part of the show,” he says.

His family is also catching on the reruns. “We are all locked down and my parents are here so we are watching it. I feel nostalgic. When I was offered Veera and when the show witnessed a time leap, I was not very keen on doing it. However, my parents who were big fans of the show convinced me. They really pushed me for it and I am glad that I heard them as it turned out to become one of the most popular characters of my life,” he says.


In fact, the character meant a lot to Shivin as well. “As an actor, I was very young when I signed Veera. This show taught me a lot about acting. Today also, wherever I travel the world, people recognize me for it. In today’s times, when things are moving so fast and so many shows are coming up, if people relate to a show which is off air and still miss it, that just proves how successful the show was,” he says.

He adds, “As you all know, I walked into the show halfway and it was already a super hit with the kids. So, for me, it was really important that people could relate to me as the grown-up Ranveer and for that, I didn’t imitate him but literally adapted everything, right from his walk to the way he used to talk. In fact, I still remember when I discussed this with my producers( Yash and Mamta Patnaik) , they were really impressed that I am so passionate about acting. The character became so successful that I became the universal Veer ji and people used to actually look at me as their brother. I remember one day, I was at the airport travelling somewhere and a girl came to me, hugged and started crying. Basically, she had lost her brother and seeing me, she remembered him. It just proved that people were not just watching it as any other entertainment show, but were also getting attached to it.”