Shark Tank India’s Namita Thapar replies to criticism faced from other start-ups; read inside

 Namita Thapar, founder and CEO of Emcure Pharma who appears as one of the seven ‘sharks’ or investors replied to criticism faced from ‘some names in the start-up ecosystem’. Namita Thapar has invested in 25 venture in Shark Tank India. Through her appearance, she justified her experience in the show.

In an article for YourStory, she wrote, “Last week I heard some names from the start-up ecosystem criticise the show. All I would like to say is that they lost a huge opportunity to impact and influence millions of Indians to understand, respect and take up the entrepreneurial journey. Are there some parts of the show that need improvement? Of course there are, but it’s only season 1 vs other countries like the US where they are on Season 13.”

Being optimistic about the show and scope for improvement, Namita said, “So can we stop judging, instead get involved, and help make it better ? This was new for all of us and we learned along the way; we are still internalising and learning. As long as we did this for the right reasons and for the right cause, we will keep working on it and will keep improving.”

Shark Tank India is the adaptation of Shark Tank America that started in 2009. Entrepreneurs pitch their innovative ideas, the ideas that has potential get investment by the investors. There are total seven ‘sharks’ in the show.

Anupam Mittal, founder of and one of the sharks said in an interview, “Absolutely not, absolutely not, absolutely not. I’ve heard this myself, and I wondered, If I was was actually producing the show, why wouldn’t I allow myself to eat. The Sony people don’t let me eat or sleep! They make us shoot continuously, they keep us hungry. Why? Because most of the contestants have food companies, and when you’re hungry, you’re likely to invest more money.”


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