Shark Tank India Season 2: Anupam Mittal get emotional hearing pitcher’s story; Remembers his ‘nani’

Abhishek further revealed, only his sister-in-law and nephew survived.

In last night’s episode of Shark Tank India Season 02, one of the pitcher’s story behind starting up his business made Anupam Mittal break down and reminded him of his maternal grand mother. Abhishek Baheti fro,m Maharashtra had come to Shark Tank India seaon 02 in yesterday’s telecast to pitch his company that makes security-driven smart watch bands for kids to stay connected to their parents while they are away.

When Aman Gupta, owner Boat, asked Abhishek about the story or reason or motivation behind starting this business, Abhishek informed that their house in Mumbai had caught fire and at the time his father, sister0in-law, nephew and niece were home. He further revealed, only his sister-in-law and nephew survived. This led him to make a smart watch band for kids for the safety of the kids and provide some security to the paranoid and protective parents these days.


This story jolted all the Sharks, who took a moment to adjust with horrifying story. Anupam Mittal then shared how this story reminded him of his maternal grandmother, who died in a similar manner from smoke inhalation after getting caught in a fire. He said he remembers thinking while his visits to the hospital to see her, how she would have felt while in the fire and for how long would she have been calling out for help before it came only to consume her forever. He added, he feels terrible thinking about it even today.