Shark Tank India 3: Aman Gupta criticises pitchers for ‘wasting everybody’s time’ as they reject his offer

Shark Tank India 3: Aman Gupta was angry when two entrepreneurs representing their jewellery firm declined to counter his offer.

On a recent episode of Shark Tank India, two sisters pitched their unusual jewellery brand, Quirksmith. However, the pitch changed from heartwarming to obviously uncomfortable when Aman Gupta accused them of wasting everyone’s time by flatly refusing his offer.

Only two sharks, Aman and Amit Jain, took a chance on the entrepreneurs, but both pulled out after being frustrated with their decision-making.


The sisters used Hindi poetry to promote their items, which included silver jewellery with encouraging messages, rustic patterns, and calligraphy. Anupam Mittal was dubious whether the sisters would be able to transition the products from occasion to daily wear, and he was also concerned about the company’s lack of growth since its founding in 2022. In addition to all of these questions, the sisters requested Rs 80 lakh in exchange for 1 equity share, which valued the company at Rs 80 crore.

Amit stated that he believes the valuation is ‘unreasonable’, but made an offer anyway. Aman also made an offer with the same valuation but somewhat different terms.

The sisters took a minute to think about it before returning to notify Amit and Aman that they had no counter-offers, meaning that they had rejected all terms. Aman felt offended.

“Aap aaye kyu humara time kharab karne ke liye (Why did you come here to waste our time)?” he asked, as Namita Thapar tried to tell him to be calm. “I’m out. You gave such a wonderful pitch; you told your stories so beautifully. You said you wanted to learn and grow. Now, I’ll stop trusting entrepreneurs when they come on the show. There has to be some seriousness in the way you’re running your business, sorry,” he said. The sisters walked out with no deal after Amit also backed out.