Shark Tank India 2: “mere ko badha mood mein laa re ho aap;” Anupam Mittal to pitchers

In a mix of fun, serious as well as emotional promo we see three pitchers in the Promo.

In one of the promos of one of the upcoming episodes of Shark Tank India season 2 by Sony Tv and Shark Tank India’s social media handles on almost all of social media platforms, we see three pitchers pitching their companies to raise funding from investors that are the Sharks – Aman Gupta, Peyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh and Namita Thappar.

In a mix of fun, serious as well as emotional promo we see three pitchers. The Promo begins with Aman Gupta asking, “agar yeh funding nahi mili aaj, toh kya hoga,” followed by the faces of all three pitchers. Then we see a pitching group of three young men wearing all brown trying to see organic smokes that would range from regular, mild and menthol. Namita Thappar quips, “mujhe aap logon ko dekh kar Gabbar ki yaa aa gayi.” Anupam Mittal gets all excited to see them dance and almost getting up from his seat says, “yaar yeh jo aap karte h na, mere ko badha mood mein laa re ho aap.” Vineeta Singh is quick to pull a quirk on Anupam, “party time ho gaya hai Anupam ka.” Everyone laughs.


Second pitchers are a team of two – husband and wife. They are pitching their company that makes hair-removing products. But in the promo, the Sharks seem to be really amused by “their choice of words” as proclaimed by Namita Thappar. Aman Gupta asks how’d they meet, to which the boy replies that she was his seventh or eighth meet, while he was her first one. The wife nonchalantly replies that her father said go have a taste and experience.The Sharks laughed and are impressed by their nonchalance.

Last pitcher brings an emotional story of how his shoes aren’t selling and if he doesn’t get funding from Sharks then he will have to look for a job. All the Sharks felt for him and hugged him and encouraged him to not lose hope.