Shark Tank India 2: “I thought you had 2.5% equity;” Kid of one of the pitchers make the Sharks laugh

Anupam Mittal cutely replies, “nahin kiya.”

In one of the promos of one of the upcoming episodes of Shark Tank India season 02 shared by Sony Liv, Sony Tv and Shark Tank India on almost all of their social media platforms, we see a cute pitch taking place on the sets of Shark Tank India season 02, an Indian adaptation of the American original show of the same name Shark Tank, telecast by American Broadcasting Company.

In the promo we see, the gates to the sharks open and a pitcher walks in wearing a black tee shirt with Tea Fit, the name of her company written on it. flanked are her two little boys wearing white kurtas and looking darn cute. This makes the Sharks feel cute. The boys wave at the Sharks and they all unanimously wave back at the little boys.


One of the boys asks the Sharks, “sharks, kya aapne kabhi Iced Tea try kiya?” Anupam Mittal cutely replies, “nahin kiya.” The other little boy says, “not healthy.” The former one continues, “agar Tea Fit hai, sabh healthy hai, mamma se pucho.” All the sharks laugh out loud at the pitch.

The mother and probably owner of the company then makes her offer of 50 lakh rupees in exchange for 3% equity. One of her sons is quick to reply, “I thought you had 2.5% equity.” This makes everyone burst out in yet again laughter.