Rajshri Rani: “I can play a mother only when it is a long journey of a woman from her marriage to becoming a mother”

Rajshri Rani: “I just got married last year… how can I play mom to a grown-up? I’m too young for it.”

There is a rumor going on that actress Rajshri Rani will play mother to the lead actress in the show Sindoor Ki Keemat. The actress has denied the rumor and explained that she isn’t prepared to play mother to a grown-up at this point in her career.

Rajshri says, “I have shot for Sindoor Ki Keemat. It’s a cameo. I play mother to the young girl in the flashback scenes, who grows up to play the lead character in the show. Yes, there are rumors that I’m playing mother to the grown-up character which are not true. I can play a mother only when it is a long journey of a woman from her marriage to becoming a mother. But, I can’t start playing mom roles right from the beginning of the show. Besides, I just got married last year, I am too young to play mom’s roles.”


Rajshri got married to actor Gaurav Mukesh last November. The couple couldn’t go on their vacation because of the pandemic and their plans for getting work done. Gaurav is now seen in Image and Rajshri was shooting for Namak Isak Ka. She says, “Finally after almost a year, we decided to go to the Maldives for our honeymoon. Both of us relocated together to Hyderabad when our shows had to shift base a few months back due to restrictions in Mumbai. Gaurav was not getting leave and I was also busy with my show. Finally, we managed to spend quality time with each other.”

There was a tragedy in her family as of late; she lost her brother who lived in UP. She says, “After my trip to the Maldives, this sad incident happened and I have not been able to come to terms with it because he was very young. So, currently, I am not able to focus on work. I have many things on my mind and when you stay in a nuclear family, it is not easy emotionally. But Gaurav has been a great support.”