Producers said, be happy with only 10 percent of your dues’, reveals Hamari Bahu Actor Zaan Khan on non payment

Six months after it went off air, the cast and crew of Humari Bahu Silk is yet to be paid their dues. A few days ago, lead actors Zaan Khan and Chahat Pandey revealed that they are yet to be paid for their work on the TV show, one more actor, Reeva Chaudhary has alleged that the show didn’t pay her dues.

She also claimed that it was her money which she paid for the workshops.
She told Mumbai Mirror, “After four months, we got one installment. When the show went off air, we were told to settle for 30-40 percent of our dues. This was my first show. Now, I’m wary of doing another one. Devyani (Rale) told us to take 40 percent of our dues… Jyoti Gupta(one of the producers of the show) said we should be happy if we get even 10 percent.”

Cine and Television Artistes Association (CINTAA ) and Federation of Western India Cine Employees(FWICE ), who approached Zee for the payments have been assured that all dues will be cleared.

Zaan also told the tabloid that the junior artistes were also not paid and when they made calls to the producers, their numbers were blocked and that they have been shuttling between the three producers— Jyoti Gupta, Devyani Rale, and Sudhanshu Tripathi and that first, Devyani told them to take 40 percent of their dues. Then, Jyoti said they should be happy if they get even 10 percent and this was after they were made to work for 18 hours a day.

Earlier, Zaan and Chahat had talked about their financial situation amid the lockdown in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. “Whatever savings I had which I had earned from my previous shows, I had invested while working on Hamari Bahu Silk. Whether it was for traveling, or on food or for paying my rent, I had exhausted all my savings. During that time I kept asking the producers to give me my hard-earned money but they kept giving the same excuses that the channel had not paid them. Things got out of hand for me, as I had no money and I had to pay rent of my house”.

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