Pratham Kumar roped in for the lead role in Rakesh Paswan's new show Beti Hamari Anmol | Business Upturn

Pratham Kumar roped in for the lead role in Rakesh Paswan’s new show Beti Hamari Anmol

Pratham Kunwar, who was most recently seen in Yeh Hai Chahatein, has now got his first starring role. He will appear as the male lead in Producer Raakesh Paswan’s forthcoming Nazara programme Beti Hamari Anmol. Pratham is well-known for his parts in series such as Meet, Udti Ka Naam Rajjo, and Yeh Hai Chahatein. This project will be directed by Raakesh Paswan’s newly founded banner, Blark Entertainment.

According to a exclusive report of that Juhi Aslam would play the female protagonist in Raakesh Paswan’s upcoming Nazara musical. However, it is currently speculated that Pratham will play the lead in the programme.The source attempted to contact Pratham but was disappointed.


The source attempted to contact Producer Raakesh Paswan and the station spokesperson but received no response until we submitted the story.Raakesh Paswan, a renowned writer who engages audiences with socially relevant and relatable topics, is currently developing a new show for Nazara. Raakesh Paswan wrote successful shows such as Bhagyavidhata and Hamari Devrani.

Pratham Kunwar made his television debut as Bharat in the serial ‘Siya Ke Ram’. The television series ‘Siya Ke Ram’ is an Indian mythological drama that aired on the ‘Star Plus’ channel. The show was directed by ‘Nikhil Sinha’ and ‘Dharmesh Shah’.