Pooja Bisht talks about ‘baggage’ that appeared after her break-up with ex-boyfriend Sharad Malhotra

Pooja Bisht, recently released a music video titled ‘Mein Jawa Kithe’.

Indian actress Pooja Bisht, recently released a music video titled ‘Mein Jawa Kithe’. In the recent interview with ETimes, she spoke about her equation with ex-boyfriend Sharad Malhotra, and the baggage came up after their breakup.

In a conversation with ETimes, Pooja termed herself a ‘very emotional person’ and explained that she stopped prioritising Sharad over her career. The actress said, “If I love a person, of course, that person will be my first priority. Of course, when I was with him, we had very good terms. More than girlfriend-boyfriend, we were like best friends and most of my time, I invested in him rather than myself. That’s why, when I broke up, I realised, ‘What was I doing?”

She further confessed, “It did distract me a lot, the relationship, and the baggage of the relationship which came after the break-up… It’s like everyone is calling you and telling you, ‘Oh, you broke off?’ ‘Yeah, of course, I broke off, what do you want?’ So there was this post-trauma phase also of our relationship. But I think whatever happens happens for good. He is married now, he is happy, I am also happy in my life. I am much more happy because now I am in my own space, I am living the life that I wanted.”

For the unversed, ‘Naagin’ actor Sharad Malhotra is now happily married to Ripci Bhatia. Sharad Malhotra and Pooja Bisht got separated in 2018, after being together for more than two years. At the time.

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