Pandya Store episode update: Amrish is framed, Chiku’s plan succeeds

Episode Update: February 16, 2024.

The episode begins with Amrish reprimanding the reporters and sending them away. Dhawal says, “Thank them for saving you.” He leaves. Natasha follows. Everyone feels unhappy and departs. Isha arrives at the beauty competition venue. Suman arrives. Natasha stops Dhawal. She asks, “What do you want? Amrish was your life, and now he’s your enemy.” Dhawal asks if you’re okay. She claims you contacted the media there, and Pranali’s licence would have been cancelled.

Amba phones Bhaven and criticises him for sending journalists. Bhaven is surprised. Amba claims you had to damage Pranali, not Amrish. Bhaven asks, “What do you mean?” Amba claims Amrish was defamed. Bhaven checks the news.


He says I didn’t do this. Amba asks who has done this. Bhaven says I don’t know; I’m saying the truth. Don’t let Amrish know; otherwise, I will tell him that you are also involved. She says, Stop nonsense; it’s a big issue here. She ends the call and worries. Dhawal asks, Did you go mad? Why would I do this? Natasha says you doubted the medicines and got angry at Amrish. That’s your family; you can’t make fun of them. Dhawal says I don’t play games; why do you know Amrish didn’t do this? Natasha says, I know. I have made this plan to bring Amrish and you closer.

She tells him everything. Amrish recalls Dhawal’s words and sobs. Amba arrives and claims Natasha has aroused Dhawal and Bahus against you. Natasha responds, “I know Dhawal and Amrish will not do this; he loves you a lot, he will not try to ruin this plan, and you called the media.” Dhawal claims I did not call them. I vow to you that I love you. She asks if anything happens to me or if you lie. He claims I’m telling the truth. She becomes dizzy.

He embraces her and asks, “What happened? Get up.” Amba says Natasha is bright, and I’m sure she did this: Dhawal called the media; she has shown everyone that you have no control over the family; there is still time; toss her out of the house; or else she will ruin the family. Dhawal sprinkles water on Natasha’s face. He says I won’t swear on you again; wake up. He shouts at Pranali.

Pranali cries. Hetal consoles her. Pranali says Amrish will never change; Natasha rescued my degree and career. Hetal claims Amrish is incapable of accomplishing this task. Pranali claims you forgot what he did. Hetal says she remembers, but Dhawal was not involved; Amrish wants to bring him back. Pranali claims Amrish ended my career. Hetal pacifies her. Pranali responds, “You keep your faith, and I will keep mine.” Isha walks along the ramp. Jalwa…plays…. When she sees Suman, she is stunned. She collapses. Suman leaves. Isha runs after her.

Isha sees the news about Amrish on the store’s television. The authorities and reporters rush to investigate the surrounding junkyards. The officer said we would not spare Amrish. Amba scolds Pranali. The officer and media return. The reporter teases Amba. The officer displays the proof. Hetal and everyone are worried.

Pranali says my degree is gone; I’ll go tell them I’m not participating. Hetal says, “Stand here; Amrish will handle it.” The officer takes Amrish with him. Chirag asks him to stop. Dhawal receives Natasha. People smashed tomatoes and potatoes in Amrish. They question Amrish about why they did this.

Amrish stops them. Chiku sees the news and smiles. He claims that the Makhwana family will soon break up. He recalls delivering the lead to the journalists. Amrish inquires, “Did you get proof that I sold these medicines? Did you get these from my clinic? Do you have an arrest warrant? How dare you touch me? How can you arrest me? I want proof.” He threatens the police. The officer says I’ll get proof, so just count down. He leaves. Amrish replies that I will find out who did this to me and will not leave him. Amba is worried.