'Pakistani Bhabhi' Seema Haider gets Bigg Boss 17 and The Kapil Sharma Show offers - Reports | Business Upturn

‘Pakistani Bhabhi’ Seema Haider gets Bigg Boss 17 and The Kapil Sharma Show offers – Reports

Seema landed in India four months ago with her four kids. She entered the country via Nepal to live with her partner Sachin, whom she met on an online gaming platform.

Seema Haider, a Pakistani national who fled her country and is now living in India with her ‘husband’ Sachin Meena, has claimed that she has been promised a spot on the upcoming reality show Bigg Boss 17 and has also been invited to The Kapil Sharma Show.

Seema and Sachin have had numerous television and film offers, but neither seemed to be interested in accepting them.


A few days ago, film producer Amit Jani gave them the opportunity to collaborate on a film based on the murder of Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal Sahu, in an effort to assist them in their financial difficulties.

According to recent rumours, Seema has been given a spot on the upcoming season of the Salman Khan-hosted reality show.

However, Seema stated that neither she nor Sachin are interested in competing in Bigg Boss 17. She also added that if they ever decide to produce a show or film, they will make the details public.

She also said that the couple was invited on The Kapil Sharma Show, but that they have declined the opportunity for the time being.

Seema arrived in India four months ago with her four children, for those who are unaware. She entered the nation through Nepal to live with Sachin, a man she met on an internet gaming platform.

Soon after her love story with Sachin became viral, there were allegations that she had been promised a ticket into politics, but the rumours were later debunked.

Seema also indicated that the pair is now struggling with a number of legal and financial concerns, and that she would only accept television and film offers if their troubles were resolved.