Nora Fatehi makes an appearance on Dance reality show, Judge Terence Lewis forgets about Malaika Arora

Indian dance reality show promo, shows Nora Fatehi on the stage, while the judge seems to forget escorting Malaika Arora.

Reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ Season 2, will have the appearance of Nora Fatehi as the guest in this weekend episode. The promo for the upcoming episode shows the reality show’s judge Terence Lewis having eyes for only Nora, and forgetting to escort his co-judge, Malaika Arora.

The upcoming episode’s promo opens with Nora walking up to the stage while Terence screams from his seat, “Welcome back Nora.” Geeta Kapur, his co-judge interrupts his screening, saying, “Uske Liye Maniesh Hai(Host Maniesh is present for welcoming her).”While later, the promo also shows how Terence was left awestruck as Nora shows her belly dancing moves. Reacting to Terence, Geeta suggests to him, “Arre Mooh Toh Band Karo Uncle(Arey close your mouth uncle).”


Terence was later seen getting up to escort Nora to the stage while on the other hand Malaika is seen walking all by herself. Co-judge Geeta again points out and is heard saying, “You didn’t go to leave Malaika!”To this, Terence gestures that he forgot and gets up to make, and defends himself, saying”Malaika, I am so distracted with your dress that I kept looking at you.”Maniesh, the host, later jumped in and told Terence to prove his truth by keeping his hand on the ‘Geeta.’

From another segment of the promo video, Malaika was seen asking Nora if she missed Terence. Nora, who has earlier made an appearance and shot a few episodes, Geeta and Terence, replied, “Of course I missed him. It always feels so nice to go dance with professional artists. It feels really good.” Terence was then seen thanking her while holding on to her hand. Looking at the duo, Geeta and Malaika held each other’s hand along with Manish joined the two women to feel “compassionate”.