MTV Splitsvilla: From Varun Sood – Martina Thariyan to Ashwini Koul – Sanjana Ganesan here’s a list of most loved couples from the show

Splitsvilla is about to start with a fresh new season very soon. The previous season was hosted by Arjun Bijlani and Sunny Leone.

“Splitsvilla” is a popular Indian reality dating show where young men and women strive to find love and become the ultimate couple. Several couples’ chemistry and love tales have captivated the audience over the seasons. While opinions on the most popular couples may differ, here are a few pairs from several seasons who have been immensely beloved by fans.

Varun Sood and Martina Thariyan – Season 9


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Varun Sood and Martina Thariyan’s story in Season 9 was about more than simply discovering love; it also showcased the power of strength and sacrifice. From their time on MTV Roadies to enduring the hardships of MTV Splitsvilla together, they became fan favourites for their steadfast friendship. Martina’s surprising choice to give up her position for Varun brought a memorable twist to their love story, earning them a particular place in the audience’s hearts.


Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal – Season 10

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Priyank and Divya were one of the most popular couples from Season 10 of “Splitsvilla.” Their connection began on the show and lasted beyond the season’s conclusion. Despite the ups and downs, their strong bond and chemistry won over the crowd.


Naina Singh and Baseer Ali – Season 10

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Naina and Baseer developed a deep bond during Season 10 of “Splitsvilla.” Despite encountering hurdles and obstacles, they overcame them together and became one of the season’s most popular couples. Their genuine devotion and loyalty to one another resonated with viewers.


Ashwini Koul and Sanjana Ganesan – Season 7

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Ashwini Koul and Sanjana Ganesan’s relationship in Season 7 highlighted a passionate romance. The turning point in their story occurred when Sanjana was forced to leave the performance due to an injury, causing Ashwini to exit alongside her in a true display of commitment. This gesture of dedication went beyond the bounds of the programme, producing a lasting legacy that fans continue to treasure.


Utkarsh Gupta and Sana Sayyed – Season 8

Utkarsh Gupta and Sana Sayyad Photo

The sweet moments shared by Sana Sayyed and Utkarsh Gupta in Season 8 captivated the audience’s attention. Despite not winning the championship, their real connection and endearing chemistry earned them the most popular pair of the season. Fans were left wanting more, eager to see this dynamic couple return and amaze again with their captivating presence.

Siddharth Bhardwaj and Sakshi Pradhan – Season 2

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Sidharth and Sakshi were a famous couple in Season 2 of “Splitsvilla.” Their tumultuous romance and passionate dynamics piqued the audience’s interest. Despite their ups and downs, their love-hate relationship cemented them as one of the season’s most talked-about couples.


Shruti Sinha and Rohan Hingorani – Season 12

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Shruti and Rohan were a popular couple on season 12 of “Splitsvilla.” They formed a deep friendship and supported one another throughout the competition. Their connection and friendship won many fans, who hoped their relationship would flourish.


As fans eagerly await the next season of MTV Splitsvilla, it is evident that the show’s appeal resides in the amazing love stories it has produced. Each of these couples has contributed to the show’s rich history, demonstrating that love truly is the most compelling narrative of all. The upcoming season promises new tales of passion and resilience, building on the heritage of MTV Splitsvilla’s beloved love stories.