MTV Roadies: Twist of fate as Priyanka’s immunity dilemma offers Vashu a comeback chance

In the recent elimination round of the reality show MTV Roadies: Karm ya Kand, contestant Vashu was voted out due to the high cost of a particular challenge called “Kaand.” However, a surprising twist occurred when the Joker “Kaand” granted contestant Priyanka immunity, saving her from elimination. This unexpected turn of events has created an opportunity for Vashu to potentially re-enter the competition, but only if Priyanka decides to give up her immunity.

The elimination process on the show was intense, with immunity offering some contestants a significant advantage, protecting them from being voted out. However, this advantage comes at the price of seeing their fellow team members get eliminated. Now, a few select contestants have the chance to make a comeback, and Vashu is one of them. But this chance depends entirely on Priyanka’s willingness to give up her hard-earned immunity, as only an individual’s “Karm” (actions) can pay the cost of the “Kaand.”


For Priyanka, this decision isn’t forced upon her; it’s a voluntary choice she must make. By choosing to relinquish her immunity, she is taking a substantial risk. Priyanka has faced various challenges during her journey on MTV Roadies, including conflicts with fellow contestant Pihu, which led to heated confrontations. These circumstances haven’t necessarily been in her favor. The leaders of the contestant groups have refrained from intervening, recognizing the high stakes at play.

At first glance, it might appear that both Priyanka and Vashu have an equal chance, but in reality, the odds are often against the contestants. Once immunity is gained, it’s not easily regained. The nature of the show’s dynamics and the difficulty of the tasks make winning back immunity a tough challenge.

MTV Roadies: Karm ya Kand is currently available for streaming on Jio Cinema at no cost every weekend. Viewers can follow the show to witness the unfolding drama and observe how contestants navigate the intense competition and the tough decisions they face.