Mrunal Jain: “This festival is special as my wife is carrying my child”

Mrunal Jain: I am fulfilling my wife’s food cravings this Dussehra.

This year is very special for Mrunal Jain in light of the fact that he will be embracing fatherhood soon. At some point back he announced via social media that he will soon become a dad. Discussing how he is celebrating Dussehra today, he says, “I am taking extra care of my wife Sweety. She did all the pooja preparations along with my mom. The festive feeling is always good. I pray that corona goes away completely. We all want to live a mask-free life and I want it for my child too.”

Talking about spending time with his wife, he says, “I’m I fulfilling all her food cravings today! I am blessed to have a family which loves me unconditionally. God has been kind this year to all of us because at least things have eased up a bit. This festival is special as my wife is carrying my child and I talk to my baby every now and then and share everything that has been happening around.”


“Festivals are not just about celebrations but they are also a time when we should focus on the positive changes that we can bring about in our lives,” says Mrunal.

“I often end up not returning calls of my loved ones. I return all professional calls but personal calls I forget to return. I also get too engrossed in my work and lose track of time. I want to change all of that and improve my time management skills. I care for my dear ones and want to be there for them always,” he says.