Laughter dose with ‘Sharks’ at The Kapil Sharma Show

The ‘Sharks’ from Shark Tank India will be seen in the Kapil Sharma using wit to tickle our funny bone.

Recently audience have been watching Shark Tank a lot. All the seven ‘sharks’ will be seen on the Kapil Sharma Show as guests.

In the new promo, Kapil Sharma is seen listing their credentials and net worth. Peyush Bansal, founder of Lenskart found his worth on low side. Kapil joked, “Ye aapko kam lag rahi hai, hum langot pehen ke Himachal chale jayein?”

Joking about Vineeta Singh, the co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics, Kapil said, “Vineeta, your husband is a co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics too. If he comes home one night with a lipstick stain on his shirt, do you suspect him of cheating or do you wonder if he’s just been testing products?”

Vineeta jokingly replied to Kapil which left the audience understand her wit. She said, “I’d be angrier because Sugar’s lipsticks are transfer-proof, so whoever he was with was probably using a rival brand’s products.”

Kiku came to Peyush and said, “Mere paas Lenskart ka Rs 2000 ka voucher hai. Chakkar yeh hai ke aankhein hai meri teen. Voucher ka kya karunga, Rs 2000 de do na yaar (I have a Lenskart voucher for Rs 2000, but the problem is that I have three eyes. What will I do with the voucher, can you just give me Rs 2000 in cash, instead)?”

Kapil Sharma will be recently seen in a standup special: “I’m not done yet!” on Netflix.

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