Kumar Sanu on Indian Idol Says ‘I was never asked to praise someone forcefully’

Kumar Sanu said that Amit Kumar did not enjoy the honor on Indian Idol since the contestants were singing songs of his father, Kishore Kumar.

Singer Kumar Sanu has spoken out about the recent issue surrounding Indian Idol 12 following the appearance of singer Amit Kumar in a special episode devoted to his father, late singer Kishore Kumar.

Amit had appeared as a guest on the show. Following the controversy over the tribute to the late singer, Amit said that he followed the team’s orders to praise the participants but didn’t actually appreciate the performances.


Kumar Sanu told PeepingMoon.com that Amit didn’t enjoy the tribute since the contestants were singing his father’s songs. “I feel whatever he said it was his personal viewpoint as nothing like this happened when I was on the show. Maybe, he did not like the singing when he was on the show… I feel, Amit ji did not like the singing as the contestants were singing his father’s songs… Those young contestants also must have faltered somewhere and maybe he (Amit) did not like that. Since Kishore Da’s way of singing is on a totally different level it is extremely difficult to sing like him… I don’t know what happened in Amit ji’s episode so I can’t comment on it. However, if something like this happened then it is indeed shameful but I feel every episode is different.”

He also spoke about his experience on the show and extended support to the contestants. “We are informed which contestant is singing what song and then asked to comment – whether good or bad accordingly over it, as per our choice… I don’t know maybe something else happened on the show due to which Amit ji was unhappy. Since I respect him, I can’t oppose him but at the same time I can’t agree with him outright either as I am sure the contestants tried their best to do justice and give tribute to Kishore da’s songs,” he added.

The singer has expressed his dissatisfaction with the state of present Hindi music. In an interview with a prominent newspaper, he stated that most of the music being created today is a “copy-paste” of foreign sounds. Kumar Sanu also stated that getting into the music industry isn’t as easy as it used to be, and that he disagrees with some of the methods used by young artists.