KBC 16: Amitabh Bachchan gives a sneak peek from the first day of shooting says, it was ‘hectic’

Big B gave the first look at KBC 16 on his blog late Tuesday night, along with details on his first day back on set.

Amitabh Bachchan began filming KBC 16 when he returned to the Kaun Banega Crorepati set. The actor has been linked to the show and has confirmed that he will host the following season once more.

Big B provided the first look from KBC 16 on his blog late Tuesday night, along with details on his first day back on set. The star revealed that his first day was stressful. Because he missed his regular break, the actor had to eat lunch in his car.



The star initially shared a snapshot of himself appearing comfortable. Following that, he donned his professional black suit. He approached the sets and walked hand in hand with the audience.

Amitabh uploaded the photographs with the caption, “Nikle the kaam pe apni gaadi se, roop swaroop hua logo ki zimedaari se. Khel hone jaa raha hai naye season ka; sneh-pyaar bana rahe ef parivaar ka.”


“Non stop schedule beginning at 9 .. and worked till 5 without the traditional break .. done it driven off , and lunched in car .. that rolled appropriate eat and that consumption drink,” he said, adding that he was home just in time to watch the Chennai Super Kings vs Lucknow Super Giants IPL match. “Back in the love of the game at IPL .. as exciting as all the others that are unfolding before us this season ..” he said.


“And unexpectedly in the Fortress of Chepauk a most stunning hard fought result .. almost the same as the day before when the last ball decided the one run victory !! it be looked forward to this game and the work schedules adjusted accordingly .. interest never waning .. from that ‘John Jaany Janardhan’ song shoot at Filmistan when all of us sat outside what then was a miracle mechanism – a transistor monitored small TV screen .. enraptured with the game .. gone the days of stopping by that panwala to hear the commentary beyond the walls of the College grounds at University .. err 1956-58 approx,” Amitabh wrote on his blog.

“And now a million alternatives in immediacy available .. BUT .. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury the experience of a Stadium is simply incomparable .. .. it beckons all .. to come and explore the opportunity of a winning .. Must to bed .. to bed .. to bed .. and (sleep),” he ended the post.

Sony Entertainment Television revealed last week that Big B will host KBC 16 and that the event will take place. Sony TV premiered the new commercial on X, stating, “Aisa mila pyaar ki laut aa raha hai fir ek baar #KaunBanegaCrorepati Shuru ho rahe hain #KBCRegistrations 26 April raat 9 baje se.”